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Standardised Display Panels: In for the Long Run

Short product life cycles and frequent model changes of display units cause problems for kiosk system providers, machine controls and similar industrial electronic goods: products must be suppliable over a long period of time with the same specifications. With our own production in Germany, Beck Elektronik provides a long-term and reliable supply of displays. And thanks to our own production capability, Beck is in the position to cater to the special requirements of its customers.

In order to guarantee long product life cycles as well as quality, the display experts at Beck Elektronik also pay attention to the availability and the compatibility of base displays. Internally, the display units. Thus Beck rigorously follows its product philosophy to provide display units over the longest possible period of time, which retain the same mechanical and electronic specifications.

With its own development division and product care for the compact module, Beck has the necessary technical expertise to be able to react quickly and flexibly to changing market requirements. For example, should the production of a base display or its specifications be changed, using specific adjustment methods regarding electronics and mechanics, Beck can ensure that, in the end, nothing changes for the customer. This way Beck customers get a display product that stays the same, for as long as technology allows.

With this own product knowhow, the Franconian company can guarantee its customers high product stability combined with long-term availability. The same is true for successive products: they are compatible in form and function to their predecessors. In general, the base displays of Beck standard modules correspond to the PSWG standard (Panel Standard Working Group) and are therefore compatible with all displays currently available. The control electronics are the same within a range of products. This not only simplifies the documentation but also helps to curb costs.

Alongside long-term supply security, quality is the second supporting pillar of the Beck philosophy. This production is regulated by DIN ISO 9001:2008, which sets strict rules with regard to quality management and ensures sustainable quality. And that’s not all, before leaving the production line, each individual display undergoes a 24-hour performance check. All display modules in the standard line series (SCM) are also CE certified.

Because Beck always has a certain stock, regardless of order backlogs, peaks in customer demand can always be served in the short term. Apart from a stock of completed modules independent of orders, the stock inventory of the individual components can be accessed at any time. With production being carried out within the company and this stock philosophy, short notice delivery times allow for the reduction of peaks in customer demands.

The customers can use the displays for a wide range of uses. Apart from POI and POS info terminals, the display units are used in industrial displays and industry PCs, as well as in machine controls and in slot machines.

By Sonke Mohr, Product Manager TFT- Displays, Beck Elektronik


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