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New Field Selection Colour Displays (FSC LCD)


We offer a new generation of FSC LCD.

These displays by our partner Tianma (Shen Zhen, PR of China) are not assembled on a PCB but designed as COG modules (Chip-On-Glass).
This allows a slim design. A so-called palette driver controls both, LCD as well as RGB backlight. The ST7045 (Sitronix) allows to control up to 320 segments at static drive.
The displays are available in both modes, positive (coloured segments on white background) and negative (coloured segments on black background).
Besides of black, white and the primary colours red, green and blue, also secondary colours yellow, cyan and magenta are portrayable.


Further optical features are:

  • Contrast: 60:1
  • Luminance (at white): 600 cd/ m²
  • Viewing angle t/b//l/r: 45°/55°//50°/50°
  • Colour saturation: 77% NTSC
  • Response time at 0°C: < 15 ms
  • Operating temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C

The functional principle is as follows:

  • Monochrome TN LCD
  • RGB backlight; the separate colours red, green and blue are controlled consecutively.
  • The LCD segments are controlled at the same clock like the RGB backlight; this way different colours can be created

    e.g. segment “on” (= black) at R and B → green segment appears
    e.g. segment “on” at B → yellow segment (secondary colour from R and G) appears

As no colour filters are required, these modules are cost-efficient.

Such kind of displays is particularly suitable for all applications requiring fast and reliable recognition of image content, e.g. medical equipment, control units, measuring instruments.

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