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Thin, high resolution and light as a feather


... are the new displays for notebook applications from Innolux.

The N133HSE-EA1, shown on the picture, does not exceed a thickness of 2.7 mm at any point. Fibre optics and glass are thin to reach this characteristic. Also the electronic board is not folded back but miniaturized and attached to the bottom. This is possible because the CCFL inverter is no longer used in the notebook and the classic space of the inverter at the bottom of the display is free.

The display supports all portable applications with its 245g of weight.

The other optical features are located at the upper end of the scale:
resolution 1920x1080, brightness 350 cd/m², matt surface.
The viewing angle is specified with 178° for the cone.

According to the new standard for notebook displays the DisplayPort interface is embedded, here as a dual lane because of the resolution of 1920x1080.

Application range is wide: from industrial tablet to Ultrabook such as ASUS Zembook UX31 or UX32.

The display is available with the necessary accessories, particulary the micro-coax connector,
at Beck GmbH & Co KG Electronics Bauelemente.

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