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Customized TFT and OLED Displays for Automotive Application

As is known, to supply displays to automotive industry is a big challenge.

Beck Elektronik and its partners are now in the position not only to fulfil these requirements but also to develop and to produce customized Displays.

For this purpose, several techniques are available: OLED, passive matrix LCD (vertical alignment) and TFT (MVA, IPS).

A speciality of both LCD technologies is the ability to make non-rectangular displays, e.g. round or oval.

The displays are workable at a temperature range of -40°C ~ +85°C.

OLED displays have a contrast ratio of > 2000:1 at a luminance of 600 cd/ m² (without polarizer).

Monochrome passive matrix LCD feature > 2000:1 at > 250 cd/ m² (can be modified through backlight).

TFT modules show (for example) 500:1 at > 1500 cd/ m².

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