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Second Source for 10.1" Tablet Display with Outstanding Features


There were two displays with outstanding optical features for tablet in the market.

One is the Hydis HV101WU1-1E6 and the other one is CLAA101FP0AXG from Chunghwa Picture Tube (CPT).

The Hydis type is already EOL. Fully compatible is the CLAA101FP0AXG from Chunghwa Picture Tube.

These displays have outstanding features like:

- Brightness 700 cd/m²
- Wide viewing angle 178°/178°
- AFFS-Technology
- Thin and very low power consumption
- LVDS-Interface
- Internal LED driver.

Chunghwa Picture tube points out, that the CLAA101FP0AXG is not EOL and there are no expectations to lower down production.

The Chunghwa Picture Type CLAA101FP0AXG is available at Authorized European Distributor Beck GmbH & Co Elektronik Bauelemente KG (Contact).

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