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Chunghwa Picture Tubes changed connection of CLAA170EC01 to meet standard for industrial displays


I don’t know, if there is some written standard, but most displays use the same connector type.

In case of SXGA and Full HD resolution, the LVDS interface connector is JAE FI FI-X30-SL-HF or equal type like:

- Foxconn GS23302
- I-PEX 20389-*30E
- LG Cable GT103-30S-H23
- UJU IS100-L30B-C23
- Hirose KDF71G-30S-1H
- Longwell 915-201-1008R
- STM MSAKT2407P30

FI-X30HL from JAE match to all above connectors.


In case of connector for backlight controller, most of displays use Molex 53780-0670 or equal like:

- Entery H208K-P06N-02B
- STM P24038P6
- STM MSB24038P6N-02B
Matching connector is 51146-0600.    display-connector-51146-0600

The pin usage is similar to most of panels. For example, you can use the same cable for AUO G170EG01 V1 and Chunghwa picture tube CLAA170EC01. CPT follows with the modification to market. The panels are available from now (Contact).

Joachim Bleckmann (PM, TFT Displays)

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