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DCMR cards with the customer Start-up-logo


Our scaler boards from the DCMR series with the Realtek chip can support simple graphics now.

We have used this function as an extension to the standard firmware and integrated the possibility to show start-up-logo of our customers. It brings more identity to your product and makes the final solution unique.

After analyzing the complexity of the logo and customized expectations the one-time development costs will fall. The picture, color scheme and size of the logo will be approved by the customer before the serial production will start.

Otherwise, all advantages of DCMR series are included:

- Different signal inputs: VGA, DVI, DP
- TTL, LVDS interfaces
- Several VCC voltages for various panel size
- Backlight Dimming signals
- 5-button OSD

We will be pleased if you take an interest in our offer. For any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Beck team.

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