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8 reasons why you have to pay attention to OLED technology


OLED technology is often defined as a leading next-generation technology for displays. OLEDs have been receiving a lot of attention over the world and should become a future display technology.

Comparing with conventional LCD (liquid crystal display) and VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) technologies, OLEDs are featured with many important key advantages as below.

  1. Much thinner – no need to have backlight, OLED emits light itself
  2. Fuller viewing angle "Up to 175 degree"
  3. Fast response time
  4. Higher brightness
  5. Higher contrast ratio
  6. Wide operation temperature
  7. Lower power consumption
  8. Sunlight readability


Beyond the points above, environmental degradation made more people pay attention to ECO friendly things and activities. OLED display can be defined as "ECO Friendly" because OLED is self-emitting and required no backlight. It reduces the power consumption and creates less CO2 emissions.

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