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E-paper technologies are closer than you think

For a long time the e-paper technologies were avoided by developers because of their complicated driving way. While the small size EPDs were successfully managed by standard SPI-interface and implemented in many applications the big matrix EPDs with parallel TTL interface stayed behind the scenes. Now that is over.


Give your attention to the new improved solution of the EPD Driver board, which will be released in the 4th quarter of 2018, to manage the EPDs with TTL interface. It offers several possibilities for the update of the screen:

  • Content is saved on SD card and communication to the SD card takes place over USB. In this case the picture update runs manually by buttons or automatically in slideshow mode
  • Content is sent live over SPI interface

The images can be shown in 16 grey scales with resolutions up to 2200x1650, depending on the EPD. The power consumption of the board is very low, which allows working from battery or USB-cable connection only (even from your smartphone) and being mobile.


The board has even more possibilities for communication and will be continuously improved and developed. Follow our news and use the possibility to drive EPDs and implement the modern e-paper technology into your project without a lot of effort.


Both EPDs 13.3” with resolution 1600x1200 or 2200x1650, flexible or glass, and EPD Drivers as well are available at present. Please do not miss your chance to get to know the technology better and be convinced by its optical parameters and performance. Read more information about the driving boards and panels on our webpage and subscribe to our newsletter.

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