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New OLED Displays

Beck Elektronik can provide new OLED displays made by RiTdisplay.

On the one hand, we have character modules of white colour:

  • 16 x 2 characters
  • 20 x 2 characters



On the other hand, there are small-size graphic displays of considerably high luminance.
That means: If operating at standard luminance, the lifetime is essentially extended.
We have for example:

  • 12,3 mm (0.5“)  72 x 32 dots white 450 cd/ m²
  • 20,3 mm (0.8“)  96 x 32 dots white 450 cd/ m²
  • 23,1 mm (0.9“) 128 x 32 dots white 350 cd/ m²

oled-display-p24704   oled-display-p23302

As OLED displays inherently feature high contrast (2000:1) and practically unlimited viewing angle,
OLED technique is without any alternative for such small-size displays.

Possible application is e.g. sensors, measurement devices and wearable medical equipment.

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