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E-Ink New Wave:
Monochrome Segmented Electronic Paper Displays


E-Ink Segmented displays are ultra-low power and rugged.

E-Ink’s unique reflective display technology is sunlight readable and
can display an image even with no power connected to it.

This enables engineers and designers to add displays to products
where power and space limitations have made it impossible to do so before.

Display Type

Reflective EPD

Imaging Component

E-Ink Imaging Film


Black, White

Contrast Ratio

7 : 1



Viewing Angle

Near 180 degrees

Image Update Time

240-720 ms

Drive Voltage

12V typical

Power draw

Image Static: 0 W

Image Update: 12 uW/cm2

Operating Temp. Range

-10 to 60°C

Storage Temp. Range

-25 to 70°C

Humidity Tolerance

90% RH @40°C for 240Hrs


  • Information boards (Airports, railway stations, bus stations)
  • Point of Sale (PoS)
  • Point of Interest (PoI)
  • etc.


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