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E-Ink: new 13.3" EPD with 2200x1650 resolution


The new 13.3" e-paper displays with the resolution of 2200x1650 are available but as engineering samples only.

The successors of the 1600x1200 version are represented by ES133TT2 with plastic substrate and  ED133TT1 with glass substrate.

Use the advantages of Carta 1.2 technology, which provides better contrast and shorter response time. The 13.3” version with touch ES133TE1 is still under development.

The mass production of the panels ED133TT1 and ES133TT2 is planned for Q4/2016 when all tests successfully passed.

The pre order of the engineering samples is already opened. Do not wait and book some samples for you now.

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Beck team.

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