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E-paper displays 13.3"


The well-known 13.3" size of e-paper display (EPD) is available in three versions:
ES133UT2, ED133UT2, ES133TT3.

All three panels are produced on the base of Carta 1.2 technology, which provides better contrast and shorter response time.

Enjoy something special with the new generation of EPD panels, which are available in small quantities directly from our warehouse in Germany.

The data sheets of the displays will be sent to you by email on request.

The overview of the panels can be found on our webpage.

For the fast start with E Ink Panels Panda Boards from Visionect are available for you as before.

Do you not know whether e-paper is your technology? Let yourself be amazed and watch the video on the E Ink youtube channel.

If you have any question - we are always there for you

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