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NFC 2.9" e-paper display


Near Field Communication (NFC) is an on RFID-Technology based international transmission standard for contactless sharing of data via electromagnetic induction through loose paired inductors at a distance up to 4cm and a bandwidth of max. 424 kBit/s.

A passive RFID-transponder is integrated in the flat housing of the badge, which includes the 2.9" EPD (resolution 200x300 pixel). By using a for Android available App on your smartphone you can upload an image to the wirelessly powered display within seconds.

NFC technology combined with e-paper displays can be used in different applications:

  • Smart posters
  • Access control
  • Passports
  • Luggage tags
  • Price labels
  • Paperless tickets
Technical Data of EPD ET029TC1

Screen Size

2.9 Inch

Display Resolution

200 x 300 Pixel

Active Area (HxV)

61.50 x 41.00 mm

Pixel Itch

0.205 x 0.205 mm

Pixel Configuration


Outline Dimension (HxVxD):
Panel side
IC side

80.2 x 50.2 x 0.753 mm
80.2 x 50.2 x 0.653 mm


3.25 ± 0.33 g

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