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Optical Bonding of E-Paper Displays


Modern technologies are streaming in our everyday life.

Displays are everywhere: outdoor signage, advertising in buses, info screens in the customer offices.

The application dictates its terms: which materials, housing and kind of assembly to use. The protection glasses, touch screens and UV-shields are coming on the stage. There are many possibilities how to bring the additional layers to the display: bonding with air gap, optical bonding, OCA lamination. All these possibilities apply to e-paper displays too.

In cooperation with our partner PiOptix, Beck Elektronik offers different bonding types of EPD glass. Each case is customized. The materials choice and their sourcing, bonding type and special optical or touch features are varying according to the customers’ expectations. Of course you will get a qualified consultation and technical support during all project time.

The 13.3" and 31.2" EPDs in combinations with glass and plastic were already successfully bonded for our customers and we are ready to extend the range of our assembly projects.

Please do not hesitate to contact us (Mr. Stefan Vander) and get further information.

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