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09/11/18   E-paper technologies are closer than you think

For a long time the e-paper technologies were avoided by developers because of their complicated driving way. While the small size EPDs were successfully managed by standard SPI-interface and implemented in many applications the big matrix EPDs with...[more]

08/09/18   E-Paper Displays Webpage is updated

We are glad to present a new version of the e-paper displays webpage. Now it includes a short description of each e-paper display and you can have a look at its picture by one click. Main displays characteristics are listed in the table. Besides...[more]

07/30/18   CPT introduces new 12.8” and 15.6” TFT

CPT and BECK In late 2017 Chunghwa Picture Tubes and BECK fixed their long term relationship with a new contract and awarded BECK as European sales partner for automotive and industrial displays.Interested?  Contact us!  BECK HQ...[more]

07/20/18   Round Flexible e-Paper Display

Round LCDs, TFTs, OLEDs are successfully integrated in dozen of applications. The most popular applications are wearables, smart watches, smart buttons and labels.Normally a continuous power supply is not used in such cases and the system...[more]

07/04/18   Optical Bonding of E-Paper Displays


Modern technologies are streaming in our everyday life.Displays are everywhere: outdoor signage, advertising in buses, info screens in the customer offices. The application dictates its terms: which materials, housing and kind of assembly to use....[more]

07/02/18   HDMI solutions from Ampire

HDMI Ampire TFT Display

A flat and easy plug-and-play solution for everyone who is looking for quick design and integration without complications. Ampire presents a new range of products: the TFT displays with integrated driving board.The input interface is HDMI 1.4a. It...[more]

06/30/18   TFT-Kompaktmodule im Wide-Format


Beck Elektronik Bauelemente erweitert seine Produktfamilie der anschlussfertigen Displaymodule um die Diagonale 47,0 cm (18,5").Die neuen Module stehen in den bewerten Bauformen Standard-Line (SCM) sowie Compact Line (BCM) zur Verfügung und...[more]

06/30/18   Circular OLED Display Φ1.18"

Winstars OLED Display WEO128128B - a circular passive matrix OLED display.The WEO128128B is a COG structure OLED display, which is ultra-thin and has no need of backlight (self-emitting). It is lightweight and has low power consumption.It is built...[more]

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