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01/25/18   EPD-Driver V2.0: Klein und fein

Der EPD-Driver geht in die nächste Runde: Version 2.0 des EPD-Drivers eröffnet neue Funktionen. Das EPD-Driver Board dient als Ansteuerung von E-Paper Displays und unterstützt mehrere Optionen zur schnellen und bequemen...[more]

12/07/17   The 15" wide viewing angle panels from Innolux


Innolux has introduced 15 inch XGA (1024 x 768) with 88° MVA (Multi Vertical Alignment) forindustrial applications with requirements for wide viewing angles.Two different brightness versions are available: G150XNE-L01 – 500cd/m²G150XNE-L03 –...[more]

09/30/17   NFC 2.9" e-paper display


Near Field Communication (NFC) is an on RFID-Technology based international transmission standard for contactless sharing of data via electromagnetic induction through loose paired inductors at a distance up to 4cm and a bandwidth of max. 424...[more]

09/30/17   TFT-Kompaktmodule im Wide-Format


Beck Elektronik Bauelemente erweitert seine Produktfamilie der anschlussfertigen Displaymodule um die Diagonale 47,0 cm (18,5").Die neuen Module stehen in den bewerten Bauformen Standard-Line (SCM) sowie Compact Line (BCM) zur Verfügung und...[more]

09/30/17   Customer Designed Projective Capacitive Touch Panels – Operable with Gloves

We offer customer-designed projective capacitive touch panels in the range of 3“ vs 11“.  Manufacturer is our partner RiTdisplay .The cover lens may have a thickness up to 1.6 mm. We also provide the assembling of our touch panels to any...[more]

09/30/17   Circular OLED Display Φ1.18"

Winstars OLED Display WEO128128B - a circular passive matrix OLED display.The WEO128128B is a COG structure OLED display, which is ultra-thin and has no need of backlight (self-emitting). It is lightweight and has low power consumption.It is built...[more]

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