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12/07/16   Sunlight Readable Touch Screens from Mildex


Mildex Optical Inc. USA is the world's leading manufacturer of Sunlight Readable Touch Screens with headquarters in the US and manufacturing in Taiwan.The high quality touchscreens are ideal for applications such as: avionics, marine, military and...[more]

11/23/16   E-Ink: new 13.3" EPD with 2200x1650 resolution


The new 13.3" e-paper displays with the resolution of 2200x1650 are available but as engineering samples only.The successors of the 1600x1200 version are represented by ES133TT2 with plastic substrate and  ED133TT1 with glass...[more]

11/17/16   TFT- Kompaktmodul (21,5“) mit extrem weitem Betrachtungswinkel in Full HD Auflösung


Beck Elektronik Bauelemente erweitert TFT- Displayfamilie um P- MVA- Modell Gleich mehrere außergewöhnliche Eigenschaften vereint das jüngste industrielle TFT-Display aus der Compact Module Produktfamilie von Beck Elektronik Bauelemente auf...[more]

11/01/16   DCMR cards with the customer Start-up-logo


Our scaler boards from the DCMR series with the Realtek chip can support simple graphics now. We have used this function as an extension to the standard firmware and integrated the possibility to show start-up-logo of our customers. It brings more...[more]

10/17/16   Customer Designed Projective Capacitive Touch Panels – Operable with Gloves

We offer customer-designed projective capacitive touch panels in the range of 3“ vs 11“.  Manufacturer is our partner RiTdisplay .The cover lens may have a thickness up to 1.6 mm. We also provide the assembling of our touch panels to any...[more]

10/15/16   Displays statt Rückspiegel


Spiegellose Systeme werden im PKW zum Einsatz kommen.Die Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen hat zur Verwendung von Displays statt Rückspiegel  eine Untersuchung veröffentlicht. Die Nachteile und Vorteile wurden im Fazit als ausgeglichen...[more]

10/06/16   8 reasons why you have to pay attention to OLED technology


OLED technology is often defined as a leading next-generation technology for displays. OLEDs have been receiving a lot of attention over the world and should become a future display technology.Comparing with conventional LCD (liquid crystal display)...[more]

10/03/16   Anschlussfertige TFT-Displays in 16:9 und 16:10

Produktstabilität und langfristige Verfügbarkeit durch eigene Entwicklung und Produktion in Deutschland. [more]

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