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01/06/17   8 reasons why you have to pay attention to OLED technology


OLED technology is often defined as a leading next-generation technology for displays. OLEDs have been receiving a lot of attention over the world and should become a future display technology.Comparing with conventional LCD (liquid crystal display)...[more]

11/01/16   DCMR cards with the customer Start-up-logo


Our scaler boards from the DCMR series with the Realtek chip can support simple graphics now. We have used this function as an extension to the standard firmware and integrated the possibility to show start-up-logo of our customers. It brings more...[more]

06/20/16   Sunshine Readable Display with Touch Panel

Beck Elektronik provides a transflective TFT module with resistive touch panel The size of this display is 3.5” and the resolution is 240 x 320 (portrait format). As the viewing angles are rather equal in each direction(e.g. T/B//L/R...[more]

06/10/16   New OLED Displays

Beck Elektronik can provide new OLED displays made by RiTdisplay. On the one hand, we have character modules of white colour:

05/23/16   The new 7" IPS super bright display from Ampire


Ampire has introduced IPS (In-Plane Switching), also known as SFT (Super Fine TFT), technology displays for customized applications. The new panels have better contrast, wider viewing angle and shorter response time.Kindly pay attention to the...[more]

05/15/16   OLED- Displays mit projektiv-kapazitivem Touch-Panel

Beck Elektronik bietet OLED- Displays mit projektiv-kapazitivem Touch-Panel des Herstellers RiTdisplay an. Diese Touch-Panels sind im Prinzip "berührungslos", d.h. es wird nur die Oberfläche eines über dem eigentlichen Sensors liegenden...[more]

04/10/16   Customized TFT and OLED Displays for Automotive Application

As is known, to supply displays to automotive industry is a big challenge.Beck Elektronik and its partners are now in the position not only to fulfil these requirements but also to develop and to produce customized Displays.For this purpose, several...[more]

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