Displays: OLED-LCD-TFT


04/10/16   Customized TFT and OLED Displays for Automotive Application

As is known, to supply displays to automotive industry is a big challenge.Beck Elektronik and its partners are now in the position not only to fulfil these requirements but also to develop and to produce customized Displays.For this purpose, several...[more]

03/10/16   OLED Displays with Long Durability

Despite all progress during last years, a flaw of insufficient durability has been adhering to OLED displays.Our partner RiTdisplay now presents a new generation of OLED displays with considerable improvement of operation hours by changing the...[more]

03/03/16   Vertical Alignment LCD

Passiv-Matrix LCD in der Vertical Alignment Technologie bieten erhebliche Vorteile und sind für zahlreiche Anwendungen –nicht nur in der Automobilindustrie – geeignet. Diese Displays arbeiten grundsätzlich im Negativ-Modus (weiße Zeichen auf...[more]

11/15/15   New Field Selection Colour Displays (FSC LCD)


We offer a new generation of FSC LCD. These displays by our partner Tianma (Shen Zhen, PR of China) are not assembled on a PCB but designed as COG modules (Chip-On-Glass).This allows a slim design. A so-called palette driver controls both, LCD as...[more]

03/07/15   Thin, high resolution and light as a feather


... are the new displays for notebook applications from Innolux.The N133HSE-EA1, shown on the picture, does not exceed a thickness of 2.7 mm at any point. Fibre optics and glass are thin to reach this characteristic. Also the electronic board is not...[more]

02/06/15   Ultra-High-Definition-Displays von Innolux


Die internationale Fernmeldeunion (ITU) hat  im Mai 2012 eine Erweiterung der Bildauflösungen für die Fernsehbildschirme beschlossen.Es wurden zwei Auflösungen verabschiedet. Der Standard mit 3840 Pixel auf 2160 Zeilen wird als UHD oder zur...[more]

01/27/15   Displays mit LED-Backlight für die Industrie

Innolux, vorher Chimei–Innolux, bietet industrietaugliche Displays mit LED-Backlight von 10,4", 12,1" und 15,0" wettbewerbsfähig an.Die Treiber-Elektronik für die LEDs ist integriert. Displays mit CCFL-Backlight haben damit keinen...[more]

10/14/14   Standardised Display Panels: In for the Long Run

Short product life cycles and frequent model changes of display units cause problems for kiosk system providers, machine controls and similar industrial electronic goods: products must be suppliable over a long period of time with the same...[more]

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